Monday, April 5, 2010

And a warm welcome to our newest member!

Press Q to use the health dispenser. Arrow keys for movement and crouching, spacebar to jump. Use arrow keys while swinging to increase his spin. Hold down spacebar to make the jump last longer. Hit spacebar again when holding on to a wall to wall jump. A is for punch and D for kick. Press S to hold a grenade, the release S to throw it (be careful - hold it too much and you'll blow up!

Meet Crog!

Aaaaw! So cute!

Crog is a fast, nasty little animal that pounces at you and chews your knees off. If you encounter a bunch of crogs, they're likely to flank you and cause all kinds of damage.

Crogs come in all combinations of eye-watering colours that clash so much it makes my teeth feel tingly.

The best way to kill a crog is to be quicker than it is - they don't have much health, and though they can block a few blows, they're most likely to take damage.

The hardest thing about crogs is that I've never done a four-legged run-cycle. This was the best I could come up with. I'm happy with it, though obviously it could be a hell of a lot better.

Yes, it's a bit dodgy, but when he's running around biting your bum off you won't notice

Crogs will probably appear mid-way through the game, because they can be tricky. But once you get the hang of them they're not too tough (just big puppies really).

To help you get better acquainted with crogs, I've given you extra health, and a fully-upgraded health dispenser (press Q to use it). You can buy extra doses for it at the shop.

Next for me is to make a weaker enemy that'll appear at the beginning of the game. I hope I'll get this one done quicker than crog. But I enjoyed making crog.

Crog crog.